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The Scotland case, I call it the Heritage
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The Scotland case, I call it the Heritage - 11-07-2011, 01:53 PM

Hi this is just a short review of what I call the Heritage case, I have had the case only a week.
Pics can be found here

OK so the process took awhile, I went through Roy Malott of IndyQ for the initial order after finding out it could shorten my wait time on a custom case. Roy was a total gentleman and professional to deal with also with some great case ideas. I would totally recommend Roy and his business.

I did the initial order with the help of John Bartons very comprehensive order site. Then over the next few weeks I made some changes with the help of Roy. John and Karen then contacted me with a start date the waiting began. When the start date arrived I had had some new ideas and put them to John and Karen. I was amazed at how gracious they were to accommodate me after they had started the case.

Over the next few weeks we found that his team was having a problem with one of my requests, undaunted John worked very hard in getting through this and getting it perfect. He also did a few touches I didn't think of that also are fabulous.

OK so the case finally arrived it was like Christmas myself and my cues were very excited to finally see the finished case. I had seen many pics during the process. I can only say they did not do it justice.

The case came very well packaged took me awhile to open. Inside
the box and bubble wrap was a very nice soft cloth bag covering my case.

When I took out the case for the first time I was very happy. I then thought hey i'm a pessimist something is probably wrong. I checked the bag over with a fine tooth comb. Well i was very wrong, John and his team hit this out of the park. Every stitch perfect, no spelling errors everything exactly as I had asked.

OK about the case it is mostly a very thick dark brown oil tanned leather
with antiqued vegetable tan leather for the pockets and the window on the back.
The lid closure, chalk pocket, Joint protector pocket and personal pocket all close by magnet. The personal pocket also has two side zippers what a great idea.
The big bottom pocket has a zipper in the front and one one the side for a jump handle.

All hardware on the case is antique brass. All hand stitched in brown.
The inside is John's lovable hug, Oh and I put the cues in turned it upside down shook it and nothing came out. No false advertising there. The cues do not touch each other and are very happy in there new home.

The case is a 3 by 4 and weighs a hefty 6lbs 9oz.

So far everyone who has seen it loves it especially the art work.

I will do another evaluation to see how it holds up in the long term but I don't foresee any problems.

John and Karen thank you so much for everything as well as putting up with me during the process. Also tell your team thanks very much.

I will definitely order more cases from you.

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