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Weight - 07-11-2018, 11:49 AM

Mine came with no weight either, the shaft is around 4 oz, the butt weighed 14.05 oz, I have ordered a weight kit for it, I like a heavier breaker

Originally Posted by DWreckTheBoss View Post
Mine also has the factory tip and it works very well. I have been consistently able to hold the cue, and I have a pretty nice break. I am not sure how much more "power" it has given me, but I can definitely tell it helps with my accuracy when I cue slightly off center. One thing I have noticed is it really seems to help out players on my league team that have a rather slow/soft break. They definitely get a better hit and spread, but it could be because of the weight of my BK-rush.

Speaking of...what weight did you guys go with on your Rush? Mine has no weights in it, I am thinking its somewhere around 17.5?
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