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06-20-2019, 04:11 AM

Originally Posted by ShortBusRuss View Post
Okay.. I came here to get a sampling of ENGLISH's crazy, to see if it extends beyond religion....

But, here goes.

Seems like we all need to start watching a few more documentaries if we think global warming is not happening. Now I get the whole argument, man-made versus cyclical, I get it. But. no matter the cause, warming IS happening. The polar ice caps are shrinking more and more, and there is video proof of the negative effects it is having on the environments it affects.

One clear example. In one of David Attenborough's newer docs, "Our Planet", the film crew shows walruses resting on an island beach near Russia that is MUCH too small for the group. They are resting there because the sea ice they normally rest on, near their hunting grounds, has retracted far to the north. The walruses have to swim 100 miles from their hunting grounds, and when they finally get to land, they are exhausted, and all try to rest wherever they can find a spot.

The beach is so crowded that a lot of walruses climb an 80 meter cliff to get away from the crush and find bare land. But their eyesight is so poor out of water, that they can't navigate a path back down, and simply "sense" the walruses down below, and when they get hungry again, they move straight towards the group on the beach.

And tumble to their deaths off the cliff. Hundreds of them. And it's right there on film. The camera crew was stunned, many of them crying. These walruses have no concept of "falling", and the only reason they are in this situation is due to global warming taking away the ice that is their normal habitat.

A second example is, seal mothers having to leave their pups up on the ice as easy prey for an approaching polar bear, due to the ice freezing so late that there is no buildup of banks and snowdrifts, forcing them to raise their pups on flat, featureless ice that extends for many miles. Seals normally burrow into these banks and shelter their pups out of sight. So, on the one hand, the bears can never sneak up on adult seals, because of the flat, featureless ice being caused by late freezes, so the polar bears get the only prey they can, pups. And they have to eat a lot more pups if they can't catch an adult. Which will lead to a crash in the seal population, followed by a crash in the polar bear population.

Speaking of (brown) bears.. Many are starving due to extreme meltwater amounts flooding the rivers, raising the levels so high that the salmon runs go straight through, with no trapping of the salmon in pools that the bears can fish in.

The environment IS changing, and animal habitats ARE being destroyed. Does it really fooking matter who's responsible? Or whether ANYONE is responsible. We need to stop arguing and do what we can to fix it. And presenting a snowstorm in a specific region as "proof" that global warming is not happening is the height of idiocy. The AVERAGE temperature has went up. That doesn't mean there isn't still local fluctuations, highs/lows in the weather pattern. Open up a fooking statistics book, why don'tcha.
So you actually think that man should interfere with the natural cycle of the planet that has been occurring for billions of years because animals and humans might be inconvenienced?

99.9% of all species that have ever existed are extinct. There is a lesson in there.

Keep your head down and admire the shot.


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