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02-03-2020, 12:01 AM

Originally Posted by ChrisinNC View Post
Stu, are you trying to make me feel better or worse? The break shot has been absolutely the most frustrating aspect of straight pool for me for nearly 50 years. There’s nothing worse than making it through an entire rack exactly as planned and setting up an absolutely perfect angled break shot, then making it, but screwing yourself by managing to leave a very tough or no shot.
I've played less than 50 sessions of 14.1 and have missed way more break shots than I've made.

One reason is that I have difficulties to find a pattern to leave an easy shot from key ball to break position.

Another reason is that the rack distracts me a lot during a break shot and I need to figure out a way to focus only on the shot but it's insanely difficult (at least with an ADHD handicap)

Any hints how to not to think about the rack while I'm shooting? Last week I tried different break shots without the rack and had no trouble pocketing them with the percentage I should make those shots.

Also there's the monkey on my back because I've already missed so many of them and I kind of expect (or at least fear) to miss the next one too.
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