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11-19-2019, 02:19 PM

Today Ill show you how to customize any Shurikencues fullsplice model with any desired wood.

As an example I will take a model called Tulip Harlequin.
Lacewood bottom and colored Hornbeam splices in exact this sequence with white center and white top thats what distinguish this model from other and make it unique.

see more photos of Tulip Harlequin

But at the base of this model its just splices geometry called Tulip, and you can arrange wood of this splices whatever sequence you desire without any changes of total price. Exceptions are Cocobolo, Ebony and similar royal expensive woodbreeds.
Feel free to ask about any wood availability, we always have something interesting to offer. And dont forget we have Black Friday sale now, so you have perfect opportunity to get top quality custom unique fullsplice cue for cheap.

With this simple constructor on the image above Ive visualised some color combinations for this Tulip. Nothing changed in splices geometry, but wood on splices have changed. Same principle works with any other model on
This constructor is manually yet, but still it would be very interesting and useful for us if you comment or email with your color/pattern ideas for this Tulip splices.

For example the top model with colored splices on the image above looks like:

top white
1 blue
2 green
3 violet
4 yellow
5 black
center white
bottom lapacho

Send us any your variants using that formatting and well post visualisation of it. Comment or email:

Next time Ill write about custom splice geometry. It reveals huge opportunities in custom fullsplice cuebuilding.
Feel free to email us with any questions:
Shurikencues team

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30% discount for Black Friday sale is still active on our store.
Looking forward your comments with color ideas for Tulip model.
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