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04-20-2010, 07:26 PM

One thing I can say is you are a MAJOR source of support for live streaming and we appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Thanks for the kind words but this whole thing is not about me, it's about the sport itself and all that goes with it. You and Gene (Crown Cues) have been MAJOR as well as other sponsors and, most importantly, those that have been steady viewers -- it's takes all aspects to make it work It's a team effort the largest part of which is the viewers!

When we (Crown Cues) first saw live streaming pool, we saw the possibilities and decided to put a lot of support behind it, because it will take the game to new levels, as long as enough of it can remain free to view for the mainstream.

Finding new support and new player interest requires free streams, because people will not pay for something they think they have no interest in, although they have been known to meander into a free stream and decide it's a great thing for cue sports and that they have to see more.

And support it you have! The possibilities you speak of are what has driven me from the get-go. True, the right balance must be stricken for this whole concept to be successful. There is a need and a necessity for both based on respective audiences. There is a reason for the saying "different strokes for different folks"!

Because of the free streams, I have also been working on a new project, I had anticipated being up and running by now, but there have been some roadblocks I've had to deal with, first. I'm so doggone close I can feel it and that makes it even harder to wait on. We have supported and sponsored live streams for a year and a half and we knew they had grown beyond our sponsorship abilities and they need more support, which is why I came up with to help find sponsors for the live streams. It didn't take long to decide to work toward finding sponsors for cue sports tours, benefits, etc., and very quickly, players chimed in wishing to find sponsors for their talents.

Good idea -- I feel yea on the computer side of things. Here again, a team effort is needed from the viewer to the players, to the streamers, to the sponsors. All who love or are involved in any aspect!

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a live stream (free or PPV), a tournament, league, player, etc., please contact me and I'll get you added to the list. I am currently taking names and as soon as my website is ready to accommodate sponsors and those needing sponsors, I will send out a message to everyone who is interested. You don't have to be rich to be a sponsor. That's what's so great about sponsoring live streams. If you want to sponsor with as little as $50 or $100 per month or even just once, it can be done. Just let me know you're interested and I'll get you added to the list.

We (Crown Cues) still plan to sponsor live streams, when we can. But, now we will also have the ability to sponsor them through by sending new dollars toward them, enabling their survival.

Good info and good on you for taking this on. It won't be easy and I feel it will take some serious effort on your part for it to work -- hats off to you for that as I know you have the tenacity.

Thanks to you and everyone out there who supports live streams by their financial support, product support, or simply by their presence. Bob - thanks for all the great links and the recognition you have brought to live streams.

Let me add my thanks as well and a big "felt green grin" .

We hope to be watching and supporting live streams as they morph into something even greater than people can currently imagine. Cue sports have a new image. People are now freely able to learn more about artistic pool, 3 cushion, 1 pocket, 14.1, and all the other cue sports available to their computer/tv screens. They can ask and learn and grow to love the sports, bringing new dollars and followers to the arena. We are so proud to be a part of something so wonderful!

Can I get an Amen!

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