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The Kids Detroit Whitey (Eddie Beauchene) Sold
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The Kids Detroit Whitey (Eddie Beauchene) Sold - 05-17-2019, 06:42 AM

I'm currently reading 'The Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers' by Freddy Bentivenga (The Beard).

One story he relates, in a manner that convinces me that he, at least, believes it to be true, is that Detroit Whitey sold his two children to black marketeers to finance a pool game he thought was a lock. He apparently lost the game and the children.

I'm slightly shook - the story has stayed in my head for a couple of days, because the worst case scenario of what could have happened to the guy's kids is pretty chilling. (The best case scenario is they were adopted by a decent parent who for whatever reason couldn't adopt by the legal route. But realistically?)

Was it ever known what happened to the kids?
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