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06-19-2019, 06:35 AM

Originally Posted by deraltefritz View Post
As they say in snooker, don't bring the cue to the chest, bring the chest to the cue. If you know your cue is aligned, and then align your body in relation to it, you can use it as a guide, as demonstrated in this "trick shot"

The responses I got in this thread ( seem to indicate that it is almost impossible to land perfectly with everything in line. Some minor corrections down in the stance are usually necessary. At least for those shots that require the extra bit of accuracy.

But instead of turning your wrist, maybe try to rotate your shoulders or move the entire upper body (except for the head/eyes which must stay where they are, assuming they were in the right position to start with, which is another source of error). I do the latter as well as slightly moving my bridge hand until the cue and the balls look correctly aligned. That way, my elbow and grip hand are held in a constant and repetitive fashion and the cue is always in contact with the chest to function as a guide.
so you start rotating the shoulders/move the bridge slightly to the correct aim line as soon as the bridge touches the table and you realize that you are aiming a bit off?i was doing a similar thing yesterday and it can be very effective

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