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How much Shim?
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How much Shim? - 02-27-2020, 10:20 AM

Hello I hate to be the new guy coming in with questions, I know how forums work as I'm a good member of a few non pool related ones. Anyways I searched and haven't found a good answer.

I just got a Presidential table that has barely been used in perfect condition for a super good deal with balls and felt that match my favorite team. I want to install it correctly so I got a Starrett level and everything recommended.

I got it to the point last night where it was very close to level at all check points using the starrett just by it itself as well as on top of a 4 ft. Ball tests from side to corner roll nice and straight.

2 things I missed I didn't check the curve of the slate grind as mentioned in the sticky on install. And I feel like I had to use a lot of shim. As in most of the slate is sitting maybe an 1/8th inch off the frame or more. Should i have had to use that much shim?

How important is the curve if I end up being non matching? I'm tempted to take it apart one more time and follow exactly but it was a pain getting it to that point in the first place.

Also I'm no professional player so if it was slightly off would I likely notice? no. But I'd like to do it right. Also is there a more clear image of the table layout from the sticky anywhere? It is too blown up and you can't see the referenced numbers.
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