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why we love the game
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why we love the game - 05-02-2003, 01:18 PM

Hill-Hill in the biggest money match of your life, a tough but makeable shot on the 9-ball; who do you want to be shooting? None of us want our opponent shooting, to be taking his shot. I want to be the one shooting. Heart pounding. Ready to hide if I dog it, or hollar if I fire it in.

Today is my day to step up and see. Raise the sword above my head and either knight me worthy for yet another day of battle or lop my head off my shoulders. Does it matter which? Probably not.

The bankroll is better off if you win. I think you learn more when you lose, but it's more fun to win. Either way, I'll have new peaks to climb tomorrow. Here's why I keep coming back for more.

i read that off a article, i thought it was a reason we all love playing. another interesting thing. how much money would it take for you to never touch a pool stick , or play the game again, see lol u cant imagine it if you really love the game, maye a few of you all can give some thoughts ? well gl all.
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