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12-03-2007, 05:49 AM

Originally Posted by av84fun
Back cuts are a problem for LOTS of people as you know. So, here we go.

Set up the following two shots...just to get started.

1. Place the CB on the headstring one diamond off the right side rail. Make sure the center of the CB is one the 1 diamond line.

2. Place the OB on the same 1 diamond line one diamond past the side pocket.

So, its not TOO difficult..but not a hanger.

3. Put wet spots under the two balls so you can set up the exact shame shot repeatedly.

What you now have is the one shot that has no "width range" like the others do. It's just a shot aimed directly at 1 diamond from the pocket. As discussed in earlier threads this shot is maybe a "borderline" shot and may need an "exception" attached to it (see later).

But just to start, the system "as is" requires TP 3 which aligns the LEFT edge of the tip with the LEFT edge of the CB.

On my table, TP3 causes the ball to go BUT it contacts the left facing..but that's OK since the "best way to miss" that shot is to contact the RIGHT point.

On my table (4.625 pockets) the shot goes into the right facing every time ( just did 5 in a row to prepare for this post). If you set this up and miss, it SHOULD be slightly to the right especially if you have narrower pockets.

But for clarity it should LOOK like the arc of the left side of the tip is flush with the arc of the left edge of the CB.

Also, in an attempt to eliminate stroke errors, just line it up with the tip a half inch from the CENTER of the CB and then just push it smoothly through with no backstroke at all. Then shoot more as you normally would.

Shot #2

1. Keep the OB position where it is.

2. Place another OB on the CB spot for Shot #1 and then freeze 2 more OBs to it on the right and then freeze the CB to the right of that. Obvioulsy what you just did was to place the new CB exactly 2 ball widths to the right of Shot #1.

3. Now, the LOC point between the 1st and 2nd diamonds to the left of the right corner which calls for TP4. That is the one where the right half of the tip appeas to be on the left edge of the CB and the left half is not on the CB. Actually, what I do is to imagine a pinpoint laser from the center of the tip pointing exactly at the left edge of the CB

Mark that new CB position and shoot as above. It should go nearly dead center.

If those work, try the SUPERBOWL shot! (-:

1. CB on head spot
2. OB on the foot spot.

That calls for TP5 where the right edge of the tip is aligned with the left edge of the OB.

I guarantee you that if you miss, you will miss to the left due to a too-full hit so on such a shot...I don't "mess with the system" but I just promise myself that NO part of the tip will be ON the OB.

As previously noted, I drained 9 of 10 last night while alternating between the R & L pockets.

But for now, just shoot at one pocket several times because the tolerances of this shot are CRITICAL and you need to "train your eye" a little.

If the above shots go for you, then you will have started to "dig" the visuals and can proceed from one TP to another and adjust as may be necessary FOR YOU! But my investigations so far lead me to believe that the VAST majority of misses will be because of a too thick hit so just keep that in mind.

If the above doesn't work given that it IS working for NUMEROUS people including pros, there must be a dominant eye issue in your case.

FINALLY, due to the dynamics of the system it is NOT necessary to even LOOK at the pocket. As I have posted here, I had a World Champion hold a couple of feet of paper towel blocking my view of the corner pocket...approached Shot #3 above without ever looking at the paper towel...made the shot...and smiled QUITE broadly!

My point is that many feel that back cuts are a prolem because you are "looking away" from the target. But in my system, you don't have to look at it AT ALL because you know the TP based on where the LOC points so....IF NOTHING ELSE...this system may be valuable on back cuts ONLY...but if so, I suspect it would make you and a couple more people happy.


Let me know how you do.

I took a look at this late last night. I don't think I'm following you at all. You are talking about cutting into the right corner pocket? The first shot is a normal cut, not a back cut but I figure you are using it as a base. If you are, then moving the object ball two ball widths to the right, that is the opposite direction that it needs to go to become a back cut.

As far as the "Superbowl" shot, well that has always been one of my standard practice shot. I don't miss that one very often. Not really a back cut as I'm referring to them.

What I do see here is that every shot you are talking about part of the cut tip (stick) is pointing at the object ball. If you refer to my problem shot, it specifies that the problem begins when no part of the stick is pointing at the object ball.


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