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10-22-2019, 06:03 PM

Originally Posted by ShootingArts View Post
While the claim was that trudeau thought that internet gambling would pay for the tour that was an after the fact thing after the IPT was proven to not be a working model. Poker was booming at the time and trudeau was led to believe that there could be a pool boom to equal or surpass the poker boom.

trudeau like a handful of others overspent on single events, no way to pay for them. The whole operation was first class not just the matches. One of the first events if not the first he seeded the legends into the second round or so and gave them all a $30,000 show up fee. The players got the VIP treatment like movie superstars or something too.

While this was all fantastic, the events would have had an equal draw with maybe a fifth the outlay and perhaps have been sustainable. Of course all the monday morning quarterbacking is easy. Pool has had so many brushes with greatness, I don't know of any other game or sport that has had as many chances as mens professional pool in the USA. The cast of characters hasn't always been the same but it is usually some of the players that shoot themselves in the foot and ruin things for all.

Hard to tell somebody who doesn't have the money to pay their bills and feed their family this month that they need to take the long view but that is what is needed. We are always five to ten years away from greatness for pool or at least a functional mens tour. Unfortunately we were five years away fifty years ago, we are five years away today.

People with the money to make a mens pro pool a reality have expressed an interest, put on one event. When they find that the men disrespect them, disrespect their sponsors, and think they deserve more no matter what they are given, these wealthy sugar daddies or groups go away and pro pool waits for the next big pot to slice up.

The money needs to be split up to fund a handful of events instead of blowing it on fewer events or one event, the men need to act like professionals. Unfortunately putting big dollars in front of pool players and expecting anything but a feeding frenzy is like throwing raw meat in a pool full of piranhas and expecting them to line up and take one bite each.

I think trudeau had a con in mind but it wasn't against the pool world. The worst they were was window dressing, no harm would have come to them and a lot of good for the pool world.

The IPT was really Mike Sigel's dream. It didn't have the underpinning to succeed and selling pool to the networks for big dollars like pro sports never happened. While I consider trudeau lower than dirt for other reasons, there was no villain or villains behind the IPT. The problem was dream castles built on shifting sand.

Instead of these mega events I would like to see someone set up about an eight or nine months out of a year pro tour that could support 32 people for a start, the thirty-second ranked player able to pay all expenses and still feed a a family and pay bills for a middle class existence. That would mean that the top player would probably make at least $150,000 net.

This is my perspective on the IPT, trudeau, and men's pro pool in the US anyway. I wasn't involved, just a watcher, and the details are starting to blur to be honest.

To those more closely involved like Jennie the IPT must have seemed like Camelot. Money, respect, and good times that would never end, then they did end overnight. Most got paid for the last event, some never did or that is what I have heard.

We need a business person or a group to build pool on a firm foundation and that we haven't had. For pro pool to work everyone has to make money including promoters and venues.

Obviously this developed into far more than just an answer to garczar but his post started me rolling so I will leave the quote with this. I think trudeau thought he was going to be the pool czar and eventually rake in millions or billions from pool. I don't think he ever thought it was just a charity he was running.

Good stuff, especially the position acknowledged in the last sentence.

No pool saviors exist. You wanna make money, you better realize you'll need to be of worth to somebody else, too.
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