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08-14-2019, 07:40 PM

Originally Posted by BigBoof View Post
If I were starting out in 2019, I would get one of the SVB carbon fiber cue. If you can buy once and be done, you will have spent a lot less than most AZers.

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Thanks for the advice. Iíd love that, but if I spent that much, the Mrs. would be very unhappy. Which of course means Iíd be very unhappy.

Iím not terribly far from Kincaid Billiards in Middle TN, so I suppose Iíll take a day and drive up there and knock some balls around with various cues in my price range. Iím pretty sure they donít let you chalk them though. If I ran a store like that I wouldnít want people coming in and chalking my inventory cues either. Regardless, I suppose I can get a feel for the cues, even though this will be my first personal pool cue and I donít really have something to compare against other than the various and sundry pool hall cues.

Anyway thank you for responding. I suppose folks get annoyed with these newbie questions so I appreciate your throwing me a bone.
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