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Trying to understand CTE Pro 1
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Trying to understand CTE Pro 1 - 10-07-2019, 04:38 PM

Good evening guys. Let me start this off with you understanding I'm not a troll or trying to start any squabbles. I have been trying to get my mind wrapped around this CTE. I come from a ghost ball and contact point background as this was what I was taught coming up. Its just natural for me to look at the pocket line when I'm lining up my shot and build from there. There are aspects of the CTE Pro 1 that dont seem to make scence to me. You have A,B, and C plus the 1/8 on the OB. That is 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and something like 7/8 of the OB. Thats 4 angles to setup on. So, lets say its an edge to A shot. I get center to edge, then edge to A, find center of the cueball, 1/2 tip pivot, then shoot. When I see that shot, It is obvious i am going to miss because i can see the picket line and i know I'm not lined up to make it so when i shoot it I miss. I can set the same shot up, find the pocket line, set up, shoot it and make it. I dont understand how those 4 points cover all the possible angles that come up on a table and still cover all yhe rest of the angles to make balls on tight pocket diamond tables. Help me understand what I'm missing. Thanks guys...
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