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10-15-2019, 02:06 PM

Originally Posted by S.Vaskovskyi View Post
Could you honestly answer a simple question what do you like the most when it comes to Jacoby black c.f. shaft?
The other questions are:
- what shaft did you play with before you switch to Jacoby black?
- what are the major benefits of your current Jacoby black shaft over your previous shaft you have experienced after you switched?

If you could answer these questions I'll be glad to give you my opinion on your question).
Well what i like the most is all of it lol. The way it hits and how i can feel the ball. My control is better and has slightly less deflection and it feels like i can throw the ball more when needed. All around just hits better. Feels like it made mybrun outs just a little easier. Before i had my jacoby black i had an ob 1+ that i switched to from the 314 2 because i found it has a softer feel. I also use a kamuii clear supersoft. Bennifits are obvious. Shot making% up and more precise with my shape.
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