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Remember trying to figure out what was wrong....???
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Remember trying to figure out what was wrong....??? - 10-05-2018, 10:18 PM

Originally Posted by rhatten View Post
Fingers crossed sir!... My my... I'm glad you got the coverage you needed a couple years back... Keep us posted..

Hi there Randy, I still remember being in the room and had to go out and play my next match. I felt like I had nothing in the tank and didn't know why. Was trying to eat right and sleep well but there was just something really wrong. Now I know. Now we know.

Glad to be going to Mayo. Dr Multa will be doing my surgery. It will be the robotic surgery. This is important because the healing will be so much quicker with so much less pain down the road.

I had the benefit of having a motorhome fall on me back in about 2010. Broke 3 ribs on one side and one on the other. I was sideways when it fell. Miracle I lived. Having said this I know how long it can take to heal up from some major breaks and cuts. I'm 65 and don't want to be healing for the next 5 years from a big cut down the sternum.

. I want to be out there teaching what I know every single pool player needs to know. I have so much fun doing this because it works so well, is just the way it is and makes the game so much fun for the person that learns this.

After the surgery I will be working on some new videos. Up until now for the past 4 years I have just had enough energy to just try to live. The tournaments that I do try to play in I just turn into a bye as soon as the energy is completely gone. Nothing works. the brain, muscles or the eyes. it's all gone all of a sudden. the only thing that will bring it back is lay down and rest. Most of the time this doesn't even work because the heart will not slow down. Hard to rest or sleep when the heart is beating 100 to 120 beats per minute. Funny how the heart just speeds up to get the job done, when the pump is broke. It doesn't do very good as far as doing things that need focus and coordination, but it keeps you alive.

I'll never forget playing Chris Bartram back in 2013. I made the commitment about a week ahead of time. Mainly to help Ray Hansen do one of his first challenge matches. I had been doing a lot of lessons so I was playing very little. So the Monday before. match I got to the poolhall to try and get into stoke a little. Played for about 2 hours and I hurt my right shoulder terribly. I had shoulder surgery about 2 years before this and it still was not healed up very well. I fried it. I could hardly raise my hand up to scratch my nose.

I remember talking to one of the top local players, Dee Atkins, I had no choice to back out I felt but I could do lessons all week and make some money or try to practice with this bad shoulder I was pretty sure the more practice would just keep it irritated so the lessons were on. I remember dee telling me, just do the lessons and make the cash and do the best you can do in the match. Good advice. it was all I could do.

We played the first day and I jumped out to a lead right away but soon I couldn't function at all. I didn't know that it was my heart. I had no energy. We finished the games for that day and I only won 3 or 4 of the last 20 games. I had no chance.

Got up the next day and could hardly get going. I had no idea what was wrong. I had all kinds of other things to blame my terrible physical condition on. Had a car accident about 6 months before in Peoria. Eventually had my neck fused in 2017 after 3 years of therapy. . Also I'm diabetic and i'm thinking that is the problem. I almost had to call the poolhall and cancel because I didn't even feel like I could drive the second day of the match. Stayed in bed as long as I could. .

As history knows I made it but just went through the motions of finishing the match. Had no chance but I still showed up.

Now that I know how bad this heart is I can't even believe I stayed on the road for 5 years and taught and tried to play.

The cardiologists are telling me that I will not believe how good I will feel once this heart is fixed. I'm anemic all the time and have been for years. This has been going on for at least 25 years. I've had trouble breathing but I was always blaming that on second hand smoke and my lungs. I thought maybe a touch of asthma.

I'm gliding down the final stretch now. On blood thinners to try and eliminate the blood clots in my lungs, (many) and a blood clot in my right leg. Knee was replaced in 2015.

I head to Mayo, Clinic in Rochester Mn on Oct 30th. At this time they will do a couple of tests, pre op and I will stop taking the blood thinner. 5 days later I will be doing the robotic surgery. Dr Multa seems pretty positive about the outcome. They have a pretty good batting average at mayo Clinic. I will have to stay in the hospital there until I can get back on the blood thinners. Kind of touch and go with the clots I guess. I think the ones in my lungs are gone because I can actually breath normally again. For the 3 months before this I felt like I was on a survival mission. So glad being able to breath. breathing is not overrated.

After this heart surgery I will need the left knee replaced. The company is called conformist. They make a custom knee that functions very much like the old one. My right knee replacement is trash but they can't replace it with theirs because too much bone is gone. They are still looking into it.

Once this is done I'm ready to go. Whehhhh.

Things we do to try and play the game we love and play.

I want to say thanks Randy for trying to help me figure things out while we were at the tournament. Never thought it could have been my heart. Kind of hard to play with the heart going 130-140 beats a minute and skipping and jumping about one every 6 beats. That's what was happening when I tried to play.

Some people just thought I had no heart. Just couldn't play anymore when the heat was turned up. When in all reality, I kind of have half a heart trying to do what a whole heart can do.

I have one goal. Get healed up and just get to a big tournament with a bunch of pros.

Second goal is to beat just one top players.

After that I'm going to skip all the other little goals and just win the damn tournament.

Sorry about the long read. Thanks everyone.

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