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09-25-2019, 04:38 AM

Originally Posted by Bavafongoul View Post
Letís see what the public hearings will produce since witnesses have to testify since there is no such thing
as executive privilege when it comes to impeachment hearings. The Supreme Court made that lucidly
clear in its unanimous decision on July 24, 1974. The Court stated the President does not hold an
absolute, unqualified privilege to withhold information that cannot be allowed to ever prevail over the
fundamental demands of due process in the fair administration of criminal justice.

When the Watergate hearings started, the public sentiment was opposed to impeaching Nixon. As the
public hearings progressed, that changed and fairly quickly too. Witnesses will be subpoenaed and they
will have to testify or go to jail. The President canít prevent it since executive privilege does not apply.
Time will tell what gets revealed and maybe it wonít be that bad for Trump. After all, Bill Clinton survived
his and prospered in a second term too. On the other hand, it may be worse than ever before since the
impeachment process is entirely political based. There is no jury other than the opinion of the American
public. Chief Justice Roberts presides over the impeachment proceeding and then the senate vote is taken.

The real question is how will Senators vote? You see the Presidentís favorable rating is upside down for
awhile & 38% of the people eagerly support him but itís really the other 62% that will decide the outcome.
Remember that there are 35 Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 and 23 seats are GOP. If public
sentiment changes like with Nixon after hearings testimony starts getting aired, a lot of those 23 GOP
senators are not going to be re-elected if they donít support what their local constituency is expressing.
When it is all said and done, those senators want to get re-elected more than supporting the President.

Hey, none of us has a crystal ball to predict what is going to happen and history has taught us that well.
But my intuition on this is that things are going to get ugly and sordid details will be revealed. All this will
result in is absolutely horribly bad press for the President and keep in mind only 17 states are really in
contention for 2020. And the President won by only 78,000 total votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and
Pennsylvania in 2016. Those battle ground states are also trending very badly now for the President so
an impeachment investigation is going to only worsen matters all the more as awful stuff gets revealed.
And while all this is taking place over months and months, the President could exhibiting mindless tweet
meltdowns that would undoubtedly exacerbate his problems and popularity. This is not going to turn out
good and let us hope that the nation can eventually heal again but that could be too much to hope for.

After leaving office, Mr. Trump will become a political pundit harassing and criticizing everyone in office
regardless of political affiliation. And he will have the political might of being a former President so he
will definitely have some influence and effect on things. I betcha in the first 60 days out of office, he will
send more tweets than Jimmy, George, Bill and Barack have ever done since they left the Presidency.

There are dark days ahead because the very basis of the U.S.Constitution is at risk. Our government is
founded on three different but equal branches. The Judiciary Branch is about to make that very clear to
everyone and the President is not above the law by concocting meritless arguments about executive
immunity. He didnít even bother to get that right. It is called executive privilege and it does not apply to
every conversation, document or communication. This only extends to matters involving confidential and
classified subjects but it also does not extend to special prosecutors or impeachment investigations as
Chief Justice Warren Burger and the other eight (8) Justices unanimously ruled in July 1974 with Nixon.
Interesting post.
Let's not forget that eight sitting Republicans are choosing not to run for their own Senate seats in 2020 and if Trump is as dirty as alleged, these eight Republican
Senators might choose to align themselves on the right side of history to uphold their legacies, They might also have some sway with their current Republican colleagues.

I lived through Watergate also. Similarities abound.

You are correct. No crystal ball. Dark and interesting times.

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