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Foot contact with floor
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Foot contact with floor - 02-07-2020, 04:08 PM

Consider this:

Your teammate is breaking in the case game of your league’s championship match. He crushes it, sending several balls to holes, leaving what appears to be an easy out for the win. A member of the opposite team jumps out of his chair, loudly declaring, “foul! He didn’t have at least one foot on the floor!”
As it turns out, that player was video recording the break, and sure enough, upon review of the footage (no pun intended), it is indeed quite evident that, a la DeLuna, both of the breaker’s feet were well off the floor. The referee (who’s never liked you anyway cuz of that thing with his ex-wife) declares a foul, awarding the other team ball in hand.
Is this a possible scenario?
To anyone’s knowledge has this ever happened?
When a breaker entirely leaves the floor like this does termination of contact only occur AFTER contact with the cueball?
Enquiring minds wanna know.

”Well, at least you had a nice bird’s-eye view of it not going in.”
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