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09-27-2019, 07:46 PM

Originally Posted by elvicash View Post
Get a big prize it will be broken in a short time if by no one other than the chineese. They got skills for sure and we do not know the depth of the quantity of people playing pool in China/Tiawan. There are also great players in the USA and Eaurope who could do the the same like I said if there was a large prize. I do not expect such a prize to materialize anytime soon.

That being said I think the 526 will be beaten within 10 years on video because the game is being played more and talked about more and while it might not be a a mainstay tourney game with lots of events. I feel many of the elite players are practicing the game and can put out the 100+ run on the current tough equipment. I have the score sheets for DCC many of the elite players are running a 100 once or more in a single ticket at the Derby. Ralph ran 2 great numbers this year in less than a single ticket he did not take all his innings. Players are running balls on tough equipment, not sure they are great 14.1 players the strategy of today's players would probably not hold up to players of old but as far as running balls even on tough equipment today's players are at a high level.

People talk about Mosconi and his greatness. I wish I had seen him play, i did not. I have seen some video but all i have seen is either trick shots or stuff from later in his career no good video of him in his prime in actual competition. Without doubt he was great and his run 526 on whatever table was great actually super awesome. But that was the game of the day and he was actually paid a very good salary to tour around run pool balls, he wanted to run a 100 in each of his appearances and almost invariably he came with the run usually stopping at a 100 and going over to his trick shot show.

Now if we paid Neils or Ralph or John S a similiar wage probably $5k+/week these days I think they would all be able to come with a daily 100 pretty much on command, similiar to Mosconi. Just my opinion I think Mosconi was a very elite player head and shoulders above the players of his day plain to see from his tourney record he crushed players in long events pure dominance. But notice he did not play short sessions the super long format guaranteed the best to win. He was the best of his era. Not all players were allowed to play, It was invitational and short fields. We have the opposite today large field if you got the entry you can play. Rotation games to a short number 7,9, 11 whatever the best is not guaranteed to win any race or any event. Mosconi in a match to 1000 points was pretty safe and he put together a record of dominance. He has the highest recognized run. I know he was the real deal and he would have loved the modern equipment, all of the great players from back in the day would have loved this new equipment. They knew alot and did not share the knowledge like people do today. We have lessons, books, DVD's Youtube etc. People today play great and we have a lot less players there was pool room on every corner back then not so much today.

I think the 526 will be beaten and sooner than most think. Myself I will accept any run on video as being a new record no matter if the BCA or WPA or whoever recognizes it. Video will be proof enough for me.

Personally I wish Marop would get some fresh cloth and get John S to play 5-6 hours a day for 2,3 or 4 months on his Metro 9' table. I think the 526 could potentially be done by John if he decided to focus on it for a couple of months or more. I have seen him rain 100's like water on very tough equipment. Marops table is looser than a DCC Diamond so a lot more true straight pool shots can be played. I think John would very easily be 100+ every day (multiple times every day), 200+ every week and 350+ every month. Just my opinion would not take long for John to run a huge number. He has no reason to dedicate himself to such an effort but if he wanted it he could run that number and more.

If John doesn't do it himself that record will be beaten by someone from Euope or South East Asia and mark my words it will be done on video and sooner than you think and i say that because it is being practiced and videoed more than it being played as competition. More 14.1 is played today than 10 tears ago the game has returned I travel quite a bit and I see it played in pool rooms, practiced and taught. We have alot of that to thank Mr Bob Jewett and Greg Sullivan for the DCC event since then a few other events emulate that event. Bob spent alot of his own money sponsoring the high run event and Greg/Diamond along with others since then has stepped up to sponsor the DCC high run event and playoff tourney. Such an event will be the impetus of the practicing player who will eventually run the big number and hopefully it will be caught on video for all to see. I think it would be great for it to happen at the DCC or perhaps one of the other high run events lending that "official status" to the run. I do not expect that as the equipment at the Derby is usually pretty tough. All of those DCC 100+ runs are truly worthy of respect.

14.1 is the best 1 person practice game. Get a camera, run some balls maybe you can beat the Mosconi record if not I promise you will learn more about the balls than you ever did playing short rack rotation games.
I know it's 5 years ago but the man deserves recognition for more or less predicting the future.

Any thoughts on the Powerball numbers?

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