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Diamond system history
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Diamond system history - 11-09-2016, 01:22 AM

I am searching for the "beginning" of the "diamond system".

I would like to know the persons who had the idea to use a formula, the
persons who defined the coding of the diamonds, the persons who improve it,
and the dates of that (probably around 1920).

At the moment, I have nothing except an article of J. Earle Miller
in "Popular Mechanics Magazine" April 1926, which describes the system and
mainly the "McGoorty, A pool room hustler" of R.Byrne, where, page 167,
Dann McGoorty said

"Not only did Hoppe not use the diamond system, he had nothing to do with
developing it. That was done by Copulus, Layton, and Clarence Jackson".

I've seen elsewhere that Johnny Layton was named "The Diamond King", and that
Michael Phelan was responsible of the diamonds.

Have anyone some references ?

Thanks in advance,

J-P.G, France
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