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07-19-2019, 04:32 PM

hi everyone i believe this time i found the root of the problem,i know i have gone back and forth and changed my mind on what the majority of my problem is but this time i had another player watch me carefully on straight in shots and the up and down drill and he spotted a flaw.he said that i was lining up the shot with a hair of right english,when i intended to hit center ball,in other words what looked to me center ball,was a trace of right english.and also as i mentioned in earlier posts,the other problem is that the cue is placed slightly across the line of aim (the cue pointing slightly to the left of the aim line from my point of view).having watched joe tucker's videos on youtube about alignment,i think the solution is to train the eyes to start aiming with what looks like the wrong picture/aim because often what looks to me the correct picture,is wrong.

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