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07-20-2019, 04:38 PM

Originally Posted by Patrick Johnson View Post
Yes. You can also view it as your stick being a little too far toward your left eye - if that makes it any easier to visualize and correct. For instance, you could try simply moving your rear elbow a little to the right (farther from your body).

Just an educated guess based on simple spacial relationships.

so i tried a bunch of different head positions and the solution seems to be to turn my head a little to my right so that my left eye is a bit closer to the picture.all the other head positions i tried in the past with the head square to the shot don't work because i assume my right eye gets too involved and the picture/aim looks wrong.i also noticed if i turn my head too much to the right then my picture gets screwed up once again and i do the opposite of what i was doing,i line up with a hair of left english instead of i must turn the head only a certain amount.i practiced the new position 2 hours today and it's unbelievable to think that all these years i learned to play certain shots only with english and never played them with center ball because i couldn't locate center i'm able to play the up and down drill with full power and have the cb come back to my tip (in the past it was almost impossible for me to do it with maximum power) and my long straight in draws have improved drastically so i would say my stroke has become pretty straight now but of course there is room for improvement.

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