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Update on the Des Moines pool scene
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Update on the Des Moines pool scene - 05-05-2009, 11:50 AM

So maybe itís time to let the old thread die, those of us who followed it know exactly what that thread is anywaysÖ.Whatís Up Iowa?!?

I wonít begin to chronicle the action as of late in full simply because there have been a lot of games and no way I can do the stories of each one justice in a short post. There has been quite a bit of action in town here in the good old Des Moines aka Dirty Money(drunk girl kept callin it Dirty Money and it was hilarious trust me). I personally havenít been playing in too many big sets, just casual $50-$100 stuff with guys Iíd play for free as long as they were drinking with me ;-). A buddy of mine here, who I have been backing has been playing really well(maybe a little over his actual level) and has won some pretty tough sets. He scares me to death while he is playing but he shoots straighter than Dirty Harry when heís on. Good dude.

Apparently lots(maybe 3 people) of folks enjoy reading some of my posts and it keeps them updated on the local pool scene especially as it gets warmer and people stop playing. Apparently golf and fishing are huge in town, they even have leagues. So there has been plenty going on recently most of people have stopped by the pool room to check out the good sets, hug the rail, and have something to talk about which is a cool thing. Another guy in town wants to video some of the good match ups and get them on you tube so look out for that, we have some footage from yesterday to show, Iíll post when it is uploaded. Maybe Big Dogs will have a stream by the end of this year, weíll see though.

So how do I personally feel after a couple full months. Not quite the same but still the same about most of the same people. I think Iíve made some pretty good friends so Iím thankful as always for that kind of thing. Yesterday was really draining and Iím dragging today. I backed a top player in town for $2k against another top player. My guy somehow was an underdog but I just couldnít see how that was possible. I was going to take some rail bets but it was all one sided totally against my player and I donít think I would have had enough cash on me to post up all the side action so I just decided it best not to do the rail. In the process of trying to get me to open the rail the guys failed to realize there was a millionaire two feet away from me that liked my guy, a younger fella who would have bet up to $1k and another guy that had $300. It was all focused and directed at me so in a way they missed out and getting that sweat they were looking for. Long story short the set goes totally backwards from what the line on the game is. My guy is one of the top bar table players around and couldnít get anything significant going and never lead any games on the barbox in either of the two sets. In fact one 7 ahead set was done 9-2 with my guy the loser. To the other guys credit he overpowered the table and made that Diamond look loooossseeee. Then on the big table where my guy is supposedly an underdog he wins two 7 ahead sets in a combined time of 2 and a half hours including winning 1 set 8-1 and not missing a ball. That was very strong. So whatís the verdict after the match? My guy is certainly not an underdog anymore(not that he ever truly was IMO). The set is over but it probably isnít settledÖ.outside of the first set it was a pretty sick match I think everyone there had a good time.

Of course after breaking even and putting my girl through about 7 hours in the pool room I think Iím headed home, but of course I get baited into more action. For me to get baited the pot has to be pretty sweet or Iíd just have soon called it a night. I was backing a guy for $1000 against another guy who was putting up $1500(yes 3-2 on the dough, but not really) and giving my guy 9-7 in a 5 ahead match of one hole. My guy plays good one pocket, not world beater but most people respect his game to an extent and the other guy is arguably the best one pocket player in town and definitely in the top 3 for sure. I still like my end since Iím getting spotted and odds on the money so after a lot of shit talking and arguing and a million texts we have action. The reason they put up $1500 is because the player going against me owed me $500 and I was freezing him out of action until the debt was paid but Iím sick enough to bet to win money that I was already owed. If you look at it from that perspective I was an idiot because if you owe $500 and you bet it and win, youre even but if you lose you only paid $500 hmmm Iím pretty sick sometimes so I rolled the dice. My guy wins the first set of 5 ahead 7-2 and we take off the cash and I think itís over because its after midnight and I told them before the set I was only putting one set up not two. Anyway Iím no thief so I literally take my guy outside that won(he wanted to quit) I tell him when or lose the next set Iíll give him some money and I get him to start playing again. The whole time people are saying crap like Iím a nit(youíre right nits put $4k worth of bets in action on a Monday), they say Iím happy to get lucky and finally win(only been on the losing side of 1 match and it was only a $700 hit), and several more BS things and they donít even realize Iím doing everything possible to keep the game going. The other guy ran his mouth so much to my guy that my guy didnít think the hassle was worth it anymore. Anyways we get back inside and I say ok same bet same game itís on again. Well they of course want to bet $1500 on the next set because theyíre stuck $1500 for the last 2 mins, I was stuck the $500 I was owed for 2 months so no way in hell I put that back in action with that dude. So we finally agree to play for $1000 and Iím a nit eventhough I agreed to back a game for the money a guy owes that wasnít double or nothing it was the same to nothing lol thatís the best deal in the world right. Imagine you lose money and then have to play again and if you win you only get paid what you are owed but if you lose the debt is washed lol. Anyways the next set is going back and forth, it ends with my guy up 1 game and we will continue it at around 4PM today. I fully expect my guy to take it off again, he doesnít have to win but heís got the game to get there if he plays right.

Hopefully I get home early enough to install my TV thatís been sitting in the box in my living room for 3 days because Iíve been living the pool hall. PEACEEE!

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