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06-27-2011, 06:31 AM


I'm not good in analyzing someone's stroke and am not a pro. I comment on how you can improve more on your stroke. all i know, we need to be on a straight line while aiming with a good follow through and keep u'r head still.
Based on u'r video, i'm not sure if u'r on the straight line but the bottom line is that you were able to pocket the ball and that is most important thing.

My advice is to practice advance shots the way i do.

you can do straight long distance routine while the bridge hand is on the table:

- stunn shot
- stunn shot like, but the cue ball will move forward a bit 6-12 inches.
- draw shot

Then try to shoot all of them while u'r bridge hand is on/ above the rail. This will help you build confidence whenever the cue ball is near/ close to the rail.
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