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Originally Posted by BilliardsAbout View Post

From memory--you ended our lesson early. I offered you follow-up free lesson time and free suggestions via e-mail. I do not think I offered you paid lessons, as we didn't complete our first free lesson. My offer to pickup on our a free lesson(s) for you remains and I would appreciate a second chance to meet with you.

You are correct that you didn't like my advice--you took a few strokes at the table only, as you were uninterested in my pool advice. Normally the student does most of the shooting during my lessons and takes many shots during our hour together. When I've received lessons from others, I try what they suggest at the tables, while they watch.

Folks have nothing to lose via a free lesson except some free time. I'm happy to meet anyone in person or online for a free introductory billiards lesson (one hour).
Hai all

I am Hendra from Indonesia.
I want to let people know about my experience with my teacher Matt Sherman.

He have give me free lesson by skype.
At the first time i was very enjoy with his guys because he always answered all my question.

I come from small city in here. I can not play billiard.
But after some lesson with him , i can knowing how to play pool rightly.

He was changed my mind also he was lesson me about strategy and other.

I can draw shot easily after get lesson from him.

I will recommend people who want to increase the knowledge with him.

Life is choice.
We must understanding, practice and work hard to be champion.

Thank you my teacher Matt Sherman.

Hendra Kurniawan
Carabao Billiards Indonesia
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