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Matchplay etiquette
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Matchplay etiquette - 06-29-2018, 11:28 AM

I was playing nine ball race to six with a guy I played many times before. After being down 4-0 caught up to 5-5 and lost the last game. We started playing late in evening after league so we only had time for one more set. Again I was down and found myself on the hill with my opponent. He was on the eight shooting something that resembled a spot shot. He had to bring whitey back to the other end of the table to get shape on the final nine of the night. THIS IS WHERE IT GOT WIERD. A friend of both of us was talking to a waitress in his line of sight. He waited for them to finish but it was taking a long time and they didnít notice that he was waiting. I was getting tired of waiting in also. My opponent set his cue down and went to the bathroom for a minute. Finally, He comes back and the waitress is gone he shoots his shot and gets reasonable shape on the nine. Frustrated from waiting and wanting to go home I broke my BREAK cue down. Then he broke his cue down and said I forfeited the set. An argument ensued. I hadnít broken down my play cue. I was tired and didnít feel like I did anything wrong. He wasnít down on the shot when I broke down my break cue. I felt he was in the wrong that when he broke his play cue down Without shooting the final nine. I packed up my stuff arguing my point as I did. Wile I was paying my tab, he finally put his cue together and made the nine. I didnít pay him. Was I justified walking out without paying?

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