Pechauer's Speed Joint
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Pechauer's Speed Joint - 09-06-2009, 12:19 AM

I have recently posted the pleasant surprise that I have had with a Pechauer "Custom 314-2 series cue now marketed by both companies as a hybrid product. I won this cue in a raffle. Depending on which Pechauer ads you read this butt is either based on the 2009 JP series or the 2009 Pro series butt with either of the Predator shafts. The way I would describe it runs thusly...the Pechauer butt and the Predator shaft is the best feeling steel jointed combo I've played. It feels more like a one piece stick...which is a good thing. And the feel manifests itself in a very accurate, low deflection cue. The increased feel and solidity gives one good confidence in dropping shots with side spin and, as we all know, confidence in your cue is paramount to success with that cue....end of story.
But since I have had a new found increase in cue technology, based on my designing a custom cue to meet my specs, I have a simple curiosity question as to why this combo feels better than any other cues of a similar design. I know this is not merely the typical new cue "honeymoon" period we have all experienced with new stuff because other players in the parlor who have either all Predator cues or a combo of Predator shafts with some excellent butts (Schon, Joss, etc.) and they, to the player, were pleased and surprised at the excellent accuracy, feel and feedback of this particular cue. Looking the cue over I was impressed by the Pechauer fit and finish, which, IMO, is every bit as precise and well made as my STL9 Schon. Most chalked it up to the simple fact that Pechauer excels in the quality of production cues of this ilk (steel jointed/laminated shaft). However, "inquiring minds want to know" and tonite as I was rolling them quite well in a 3 way 9 ball marathon, yet another guy wanted to try the "new cue". And one guy hit on an aspect of the Pechauer speed joint technology that may explain some of the reason this cue feels so good. We all agreed that the joint fits so precisely it feels like a resistence joint, i.e., the closer you get to completing the screwing of the joint the tighter it gets, but in a very smooth way (different than,lets say, the notorious precision fit of the Schuler steel joint, which also feels like a true resistence joint, with slightly different technology but nowhere near the smoothness of the Pechauer approach. Than one player brought to our attention what now looks obviously different than a standard 5/16 by 14 configuration we see in almost all other steel/piloted joints. It was the diameter of the pin. It looks like a larger diameter than the typical 5/16X14 pin. Perhaps it's merely the way the "speed joint" appears because of the different threading. I honestly don't know. But it does feel "different", and in my opinion, more solid. So with all of the techno-speak out of the way, can anyone tell us about the speed joint and how it is different or the same but merely "appears" different because of the unique Pechauer threading of this "speed joint".
Just to remind folks about this joint, if they have not seen a Pechauer for a while, the pin fits directly into the phenolic involved, with an all-steel joint sleeve and a specially piloted Predator shaft which is finished at Pechauer. The joint is collared as so many others, with black phenolic collars. But once again, the pin seems to have a larger diameter than other joints of this type. Can anyone with more knowledge about Pechauer's "Speed Joint" chime in?? BTW, this cue will be the perfect daily knock around player that I won't have to worry about while I cook up my next cue, which will be a Leon Sly. Incidentally, this cue cost me $18.00 or 3tickets in a 3 cue raffle. So the price was definitely right! So does the pin on the Pechauer Speed Joint actually have a different diameter than most other joints of this type or is there any other aspect, beyond the obvious precision by which Pechauer has been lauded for??
Thanks, in advance.
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