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09-30-2019, 01:36 AM

Originally Posted by HawaiianEye View Post
I played for about eight hours today, switching between my Becue carbon butt with a 12mm Prime pro taper carbon fiber shaft on it and my Pancerny custom full-splice Titlist conversion butt with a Meucci Pro 12.1mm carbon fiber shaft on it.

Both cues weighed within an ounce of each other and both had a very close balance point. The Becue shaft has an Ultra-skin soft black tip on it and I think the Meucci shaft has an Ultra-skin soft ivory tip on it.

Both cues played very similar and produced similar results using the same stroke on various shots I set up and tried with both cues. The Becue shaft has a pro taper but it isn't as long as the taper on the Meucci. Also, my Becue shaft is coated with white airplane paint, so it has more "drag" than the Meucci, which is "slicker". The new Becue Prime M shafts do not have the paint on them. They are black and very similar to all the other black carbon fiber shafts. FWIW, I find the white shaft easier to sight down than the black shafts. However, the Meucci shaft has a longer white ferrule than most black carbon fiber shafts and it is easy to get used to.

If you like a really long taper and you use a really long bridge, then the Meucci may be more your style. I have gotten used to the Meucci after playing with it for a about a month while my Becue shaft was in Italy at the factory, so it took me a bit to switch back to the shorter taper. I use a tight closed bridge on almost all shots, so taper is something that I notice right away.

I think the Becue shaft has a bit more flex that will allow you to "masse"/"swerve" the shot a bit more, if you need to, in order to get around the edge of a ball that may be blocking your shot a bit. Also, I think the Becue will allow you to do more "finesse-type" shots than the Meucci will. Both shafts play super, so it is hard to say one shaft is better than the other. I can play about equally well with either of them, once I hit a few balls and get them dialed in.

One thing that is truly "noticeable" is that the Becue carbon butt paired with the carbon shaft has a much "purer" feel and hit than any carbon fiber shaft that I've felt that was paired with a non-carbon butt and that includes my Meucci with my wood butts.

Every carbon fiber shaft that I've tried (Mezz, Cuetec, REVO, Meucci) on wooden butts have a bit of vibration when you miscue or sometimes hit the extreme edge of the cue ball. They also sometimes make some sort of "glassy" sound when you mishit or hit the very edge of the cue ball. The Becue carbon shafts on the carbon butt never do that. There is no vibration or sound, no matter what you do. It seems like there is a total transfer of "power" from the cue to the cue ball on every shot. I don't know how to describe it. If you play tennis, I'd say it seems like the "sweet spot" is the entire playing surface of the racket. The cue feels the same way. I have no reason to think that the carbon butt matched to the carbon shaft isn't the key that makes the difference.

I'm satisfied with both shafts, so y'all quit tempting me to buy anything else.

I see where GoCustoms now has a full cf cue out. Good price too, $750 with their new SL long-taper cf shaft. https://go-customs.com/product/go-customs-cue/
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