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Follow Up Review for BB - 12-09-2016, 03:31 PM

Ultimate Tip Tool 5-1 Multi Use contains a nickel and dime radius shaper, burnisher, scuff rougher and mushroom trimmer. It’s like carrying a Swiss army knife.

The following comments are based upon my own experience with the “Original Ultimate Cue Tip Tool” I recently purchased.

My first impression when the item arrived was it appeared smaller than what I expected. Dimensions: (3-1/4”L x 1.0”W x 3/8” H) Weight 1.4 oz. The metal frame is solid with sandpaper shape configurations into multiple pocket indenters that range from 36 grit for tip radius and 60 for the mushroom removal. By just using the weight of the shaft these materials should last a very long time with replacements available.

First! I read the instructions for the proper use of the product. I mention this because of the following statements listed below.

Since I heard some reviews about this tool scratching ferrules and popping off tips I took my time in a well-lit room to examine and try each of the tools out. It appeared there was a slight difference in the shaft radius for the mushroom sanding. Choosing the wrong radius side could cause the ferrule to get scratched. I did not see this covered in the instructions.

By placing the radius of the tool level on the end of the shaft and holding up to the light; look for 1/64” daylight clearance off the ferrule and you will have the correct side. I also recommend placing one layer of blue painter tape on the tip edge on the ferrule for extra protection before attempting you’re first mushroom sanding. This procedure is not that complicated, just need to be using the right radius side for clearance before you begin.

Note: Suggest trying this tool on some house cues before they carry them off to the bone yard for practice.

I could see how the tip could be popped off while using the burnishing tool as well. By pushing the tip inside the fork area and pinching the fork close while rotating the shaft you could apply too much forward force inside this tapered end that could cause this to happen. However; the instructions tell you to use a low amount of pressure to accomplish this task and it seemed to work fine for me.

Also, I would like to add a comment on tapping, hitting or striking the tip harshly to rough or penetrate the leather. This type of blunt force over-time can cause layer tips to separate or pop off. Applying a rolling pressure may be an alternate way to keep this damage from occurring.

There are certainly superior single function products for each of the things this tool does; (I owned a few) however, they cost more money to buy separately and would take up additional storage space, not to mention keeping up with them as well.

If I run into any future issues good or bad about the Ultimate Tip Tool I will post them here. For $11.75 delivered from eBay I believe this product will serve most folks well if they just use it properly.

More reviews here:


Uni-Loc Joint
Lucasi LZE6
Lucasi L-EW20

Shaft 1: SS 360/2 - Tip Ultraskin medium
Shaft 2: Universal Supershaft LS - Tip PreciSion medium
Shaft 3: Lucasi 0 Flexpoint U - Tip Tiger Everest medium

Lucasi Hybrid LHAH5 Air Hog Jump Cue

Turbo-Loc Joint
Players JB9 Zebrawood Jump/Break/ Masse Cue
Shaft 1 -Tip Samsara hard
Shaft 2 –Tip Ultraskin soft
Case JB 2x5/3x4 Ultimate Rugged 25URBKRST
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12-28-2016, 09:41 PM

I've used one for a few years with no problems. The trick for me is to tape the ferrule first before using the tool, to avoid any stray scratches when either sanding the side of the tip or using the burnish tool. However, it's easier to use a sharp pocket knife to trim any excessive mushrooming first, then use the tool to smooth any knife marks, going lightly. One side is more offset than the other and will leave a tiny amount of overhang. The key is to not aggressively remove overhang with this tool. The tip shapers work just fine as well as the tip scuff tool. I actually prefer a tip that borders on slick, and medium to hard tips, so I need to lightly scuff quite a bit to hold chalk.
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