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Speaking of Treason - 03-23-2017, 11:54 PM

Today, Bill, M - 103 was passed in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill.

It was initially introduced by a Member of Parliament that presides over Mississauga Ont, which is a suburb of Toronto and is the 6th largest city in Canada.

The Bill, is only a Motion and does not contain any new Laws or Rules, but is basically an Anti Islamaphobia Motion. People are Freaking out over the possible ending of our own Constitution and ability of Free Speech.

It may not be anything at the moment, but I truly believe that it not unlike a Gateway Drug, and will only empower those in the future. So, to me, it is a Gateway Motion that will only be a testing ground for much more to come in the future. Sharia Law for one.

Justonce Trudope, while campaigning visited a Mosque in Toronto, dressed in full Bedouin robes, and recited the Shahada while there. You only have to recite the Shahada in front of 2 Muslims, to confirm your conversion to Islam.

Whether this was just for show, or Justonce is serious on converting to Islam, it doesn't matter. Justonce can never go on the public airways ever again and relate that he is a Christian. As being a Muslim and converting to another Religion is punishable by death. They would issue a Fatwa on his life. As far as Muslims are concerned, Justin is a convert and no longer an Infidel or Kafir.

Trudope is a serious Traitor and must be gone. As far as I am concerned, this is just one of the first steps by Muslims to take over another Country.

They have already infiltrated schools in Ontario. Being allowed Prayer Time and what the other non Muslim students can, and cannot do.

It has been a very long time since we were able to recite the Lords Prayer before the beginning of morning classes.

So, just another Special Right that Muslims are afforded at the obvious expense of Christians.

I am not so much a Religious person as much as I consider myself to be Spiritual and still believe in My Creator and other things. I tend to refer to what others say as their God, as My Creator. Doesn't really mean much in the grand scheme. Just the way I express my Beliefs.

This is nothing more than step one in their attempt to take over yet another Country. Our Liberal Gov will continue to sneak other Motions and Bills in under our noses until their Agenda is complete. It is also apparent that many of our media outlets are a bit loathe to report much on what has been happening. Almost like they have been stifled from other sources. We never hear of any Muslim or refugee crimes being committed
against our laws and people. Yet, it continues to happen.

We do have one source of information called the Rebel. They may be referred to as just another Fake News Internet News source that works on Fear Mongering and so on. But, at least they have been following and reporting on the Demonstrations and Rallies in Canada with what would seem no more than the truth regarding what is currently happening and peoples feelings toward Islam and the Muslim movement.

I mean, when you have 2 Liberal MP's, with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Charities that have been shut down by Revenue Canada because of ties and donations to Terrorist Organizations like Hamas, there is no Fear Mongering there, just reporting the Truth, whereas few media outlets are currently doing that.

Canada, no Longer Home to the Free and the Brave. We will soon be walking on Egg Shells, not unlike the citizens of many other European Cities and Countries.

To play Pool, is to suffer.
To learn to be a better player, is to find some meaning in the suffering.

Dhurka, Dhurka, Allah, Muhammad Jihad

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