✦◊✦ Two Ultra-Fancy BHQ Butterfly Cues ✦◊✦


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OK Cue fans... here is a chance to pre-purchase two ultra-fancy BHQ Butterfly cues. These are right up there with the fanciest cues Brent has ever made, and the cues come with a full set of fancy matching butterfly caps! Cues are about 1-2 months away from being completed. They will come with 2 shafts.

These are non-ivory cues and can be shipped worldwide for $3,450 each.

Red Flame is SOLD


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good lord its been almost 5 years since i grabbed this.
I have a vague memory of Brent making these cues ... IIRC he is color-blind and was looking for some opinions on the veneers. Beautiful cues, glad you got one.

Dave <-- proud owner of a purpleheart/birdseye box cue from Brent