《☆》Mint TAD 41 Model Cue 《☆》


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Beautiful cue Kirby. It was nice meeting you in Vegas and a pleasure playing you. I wish I had taken a closer look at the Tad you were shooting with in our match. Good luck with your sale...Mark

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Mint condition TAD 41

Serial 20xx, made by TAD late 1990s

Mint condition TAD 41 Model with 2 brand new, unchalked shafts, Elephant Ear wrap. Butt finish is excellent. Dead straight together and apart.

Butt 14.95 oz
Shafts 4.15 oz, 13mm
TAD layered tips
TAD delrin JPs

Price 3995 USD OBRO

No trades. PayPal gift or add 4% shipped Overnight USPS Priority. Text, PM or email for inquiries.







Beautiful Tad ... However pictured shafts are "chalked". Can you explain?


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Never chalked. Maybe from the bottom of the case has some chalked remnants. I ordered the shafts direct so I'm sure nobody chalked it purposely. This question was asked with the previous tad 41 I sold.