10-Ball $4.500 in Cologne, Germany


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10-Ball $4.500 in Cologne, Germany with Souquet, Feijen, van den Berg, Ortmann

Registration is complete

Here are the main contenders
Ralf Souquet
Niels Feijen
Oliver Ortmann
Nick van den Berg

Nicolas Ottermann
Sandor Tot
Joern Kaplan
Bernd Jahnke
Andreas Roschkowski
Christian Reimering

Feb. 27th - Mar. 1st

Cologne Cue Club
Barbarastrasse 3-9
50735 Cologne

10-Ball under WPA rules
Field of 128
8 Groups of 16 players, first 4 of each group qualify for final round
Group Stages: race to 6 double elimination
Main Round: race to 8 single elimination
from semi-final: race to 10

1st: 3.500 Euros = +4.500$
2nd: 2.000 E = +2.500$
3rd+4th: 800 E = 1.000$
5th-8th: 400 E = 500$
9-16th: 250 E = 350$
17th-32nd: 160 E = 200$
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Souquet signed up as well!!!
4 world class players take part and a couple more of european wide recognition