14.1 Tourney March 7th Amsterdam, NY


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I will be holding a 14.1 tournament at Main Street Billiards in Amsterdam, NY (Albany area) on Sunday March 7th at noon. A beautiful new room with 8 Diamond Pro-Am 9 foot tables.

The format will be to qualify into a final 8 single elimination format, 75 or 100 points for the final 8 round depending on how many show to qualify, so we can conclude the event around 9pm including the final 8 round.

To qualify players will set up a breakball and rack the remaining 14, then run balls until they mis or foul, this is done 5 times and the 5 scores will make a total for that qualifying round, a qualifying round is what we will call a "buy-in". Players will have the chance to "buy-in" up to 4 times at $12 per buy-in to try and qualify into the final 8 single elim tournament. Top 8 scores (5 attempts added up) make the final 8, ties at the 8 spot will playoff using the qualifier format to see who makes the final 8.

For the players that do not qualify into the final 8, there will be a second chance 40 or 50 point single elim tournament for a first place prize only. No entry fee required for the second chance and 1st place in the second chance will pay 10% of what is in the main prize pool after all buy-ins are done.

Doors open at noon and we will have a short players meeting at 12:15 and get going quickly. Players will be allowed to practice by hitting 1 rack of balls prior to each of their buy-ins. $10 of each buy-in will go to a prize pool and the remaining $2 goes to table time. 100% payout.

Qualifying will run approx. between 12:30 and 3:30pm, the final round of 8 will begin approx. 3:30pm and conclude approx. 9pm.

Sunday March 7th - Noon registration/ no pre-registrations - Start 12:30.

$12 qualifier buy-in - up to 4 buy-ins per player.

Open event and is open to ALL players, no players excluded.

Main Street Billiards
35 East Main Street
Amsterdam, NY

Hope to see you there!!

Tournament Director
Kevin Vidal
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