1968 Palmer Cue for sale - SOLD


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1968 Palmer Cue for sale

Palmer 1968 "Model I" custom cue for sale. Mint cond. from their first catalog. Has always been stored in case. No damage of any kind ,no warps, dings, or scratches. Attached is a pics.feel free to contact for details or pics. Name on butt Harold Brown. Weight of 21. marccadreau@gmail.com

List Date: 3/19/2015

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Description Accuracy

Just a heads up and suggestion, but you may want to double check your information on this cue. I could be wrong, but from what I can see, what you have is a Model #14, from the 3rd Catalog. If you haven't checked with a few of the expert Palmer Collectors here on AZ, you may want to proceed that way.