1993 Schon Ltd/Bill Stroud


Trying to find some info on an unusual cue. It is engraved Schon Ltd on one side and Bill Stroud on the other. I believe the shafts that are with it are original and they are signed Schon on the collars indicating a 1993 cue. Has large "ivory flags" with inlayed ebony S's in the butt plate. The forearm has inlayed swords. Any info on this cue greatly appreciated. Thanks


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That’s a cool cue....i don’t see many that I think that about.

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Nice cue! Your pictures are probably too large to download. If you are using Windows 10. you can resize them easily. or you can download a picture resizer.
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So what is the story
did schon make the cue for another Bill Stroud than the cue maker
that we know so well?


That answers one question. If Mr. Stroud is unaware of the cue that is disappointing but I would still love to hear if Evan Clarke remembers any details about the cue. I mainly loved the cue because of the fact that I owned probably 20 JW cues in the 70's. I was a full time player and Strouds cues were about all that I played with. In the last 20 years or so my main playing cues have been Schons so it was a natural to be drawn to this cue. Any more info would be greatly appreciated. It's a super cue either way - a great playing cue - dead straight in about 90% condition and not for sale regardless. I believe there is more to this cues story. Thanks much


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Not sure if it is the same one but one just like it was on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. You could look at finished items and take a look.