2 cues I am kind of proud of


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Just messing around out in the garage, doing this for fun.




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Nice work! I like the color combinations of both especially of the lower one. That green would certainly stand out in a crowd. Keep it up!


You'll shoot your eye out
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I really like the top cue,4 or 5 different woods?
I guess you would call those recut points and
Shadowed razor blades. Very nice work. I used
to be a linen wrap guy but with all the different
Wrapless cues I've seen over the past 10 or 15
years I've really taken a liking to them. Keep
Up the great work. .....

Snooker Theory

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Sac, big fan of your work, really like the one you made from the oak board you had found at work. These are both beautiful too!