2 to 1 pantogragh

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Michael Webb said:
I don't sharpen them, I just buy new ones. You'll learn the true meaning of,
Gentle pressure.

Oh yes, at the prices of these small end mills - you learn real fast!

I had templates made by a machinist out of aluminum. Used stylus. But John Robinson whose son does his points (no spliced points) and inlays makes his own templates out of hard plastic sheeting (like your wife's cutting boards).

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Michael Webb

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pdcue said:
Mike, how do you control the depth of cut?
is there a way to set how deeply you cut,
or is it like the old engraving machines, controlled by how
hard you push down?


It has the adjusting knob, I just measure as I go.


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Here's a Picture of an old Green pantograph I picked up locally cheap. I haven't started using it yet. Anyone used this machine for doing inlays? I need to setup a colet indexer or something similar for a jig. I think it's a 1/16 inch stylus.


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powerpool said:
I just got my order of resharpened endmills from Drill Bit City. They are $12.95 for 10. My order was here in 2 days. They seem to work just fine. Here is there address if anybody is interested. Also thanks for all the fine advice on this machine. Shipping on 30 was $4.95.

You will soon find out for precise inlays, you will not get good results from this type of cutter. You need a Solid Carbid Fish-Tail cutter, and they will run you about $7-$12 depending on type and size. Typically we use .03125 or 1/32 mills, and I did not see that size for inlays. I also use .020 size for smaller radius inlays. Things that seem to be too good to be true, probably is. Good Luck with them though...JMO