2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!


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After the long break, moving to a different country, joining a new club with different tables, finally my shooting feels a bit like actual billiards again. However my high run so far this year is still just 27 in practice, 22 in a match ... There is still quite a lack of confidence when things do not run as expected ...


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I have not been playing pool and 14.1 for some time but started get back to shape 3 days ago. I did shoot 2 times 14.1 without me keeping score but 3rd day i decided try record something to get more focused training.
I did run 2 runs. 42 and second 63 :)
I really wanted to get 100 but had no more time to try for bigger runs. Anyways i commentate while playing that 63(9/21/2021) and I decided to upload it just to get my entry this year too :)

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Ran 112 about twenty minutes ago in an attempt to run 200+, missed a very makable, dare say easy break shot. It's past midnight here, I'm feeling tired, old, back pain is bothering me, and feeling sad as it's now a certainty that I'll have to disassemble and give away my Brunswick and call it a wrap. Our dear friend of the family and neighbor Mathias, the owner of the house and "my" practice room, died and all through these rough and weird times we were hoping to find a place to set the table up, but these are the last few weeks before the building is getting renovated and the new owners are going to move in. This is the third day now that I started practicing again, a swan song of sorts, my other runs tonight including anything from a 44 to several attempts where I didn't even get into a second rack, playing for less than a couple hours total. There aren't any pool halls anymore, no one to practice with, not to mention the pandemic. Oh well… Having said that, it's hard to complain at the age of over fifty, not having practiced or played more than a couple times this year, nor more than half a dozen times in a year or two. Simply don't have the time, nor the health, to practice when there are no tournaments, all my former students moved elsewhere and/or appear to have given up playing and instead doing bets at wetten.com, not that anyone plays Straight Pool in this country to begin with outside of National Championships and qualifiers to get into those. Please excuse the rant, but it feels as though I might as well live in the woods somewhere. Good night everyone and sweet dreams!

Greetings from Switzerland, David.

„J'ai gâché vingt ans de mes plus belles années au billard. Si c'était à refaire, je recommencerais.“ – Roger Conti
I feel with you David. I have some trouble with my back as well. I did not play for a while now because of this and it sucks... I hope you get well, soon.