2023 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!


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gonna start taking a stab at this soon. my high run last year was 28, shooting for 3 racks by the end of 2023. wish me luck everybody 😬

Chip Roberson

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1/13/2023 - 110 tonight on a 7 foot Diamond Smart table. My first time of 100+ on any size table, besting my previous high run of 98 on a 9 foot table roughly 20 years ago. I did pull off one low percentage pack shot 3-4 racks in to the run.

I was certainly feeling the pressure the last couple racks and was so relieved when I hit 100 that I guess I lost focus and missed a relatively easy shot 2 shots from a perfect break shot which would have allowed me to keep going.

Now I plan to move on and see what I can do on a 9 foot table, as running 100+ on a 7’ table is a world of difference than reaching that number on a 9’ table.
Congrats on breaking through the barrier, doesn't matter that it was on a 7 footer , you broke through. I kept reading that you hadn't tried again on that table because your realized that you must have been in the zone to make that happen at that time. Rest assured , that anyone that runs 100 balls will have to be in the zone to do so. Hope that helps and that you find it easier to get into that mental realm for the next time you step to the table.

Chip Roberson

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Have been working out for the last few months on my table at home. Know my game from when young isn't much there anymore. Turned 70 back in Nov, and just use my time of a couple of hours 3 or 4 times a week as good for working out and better than taking walks outside in freezing weather. Ran a low 90 ball run back a few months ago and have not put together anything better than 70 much with a lot of 28's and stuff.
Got into a great run the other night of 98 and missed the key ball going to my break shot,,jawed her I did. This game can hurt your feelings at times and when it;'s all going right , it can pick you right on up again. There were as many as 4 different rooms in this small town at one time. There is one here now. but the hours are late in the evening and driving after dark isn't as easy as it once was. The thing that keeps me playing is the chance I will catch an old gear and time will become non-existent, it keeps ya young and ever mindful . Keep on playing folks


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@gerard soriano wrote this in the 2022 thread (meant for 2023). Ill add it here and to the leaderboard shortly.

"Had a Good day today
71,82,84& 112
If I could shoot like this every day I still would have to work LOL"


Hi 14-1 players:) Post your 2023 runs in this thread and I'll keep this first post updated with everyone's high run. Videos are welcome, but not required. Rules are: cue ball fouls only, call pocket, any rack method allowed, any cleaning methodology allowed, run does not have to start from break shot, run can be practice or in an actual game, any size table is fine. *Feel free to make the rules more strict if you prefer for yourself. Rack'em :D:cool::)

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I ran a 77.
Anxiously waiting for the day a break 100 then I can return to my regularly scheduled life. Lol.

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I ran 38 in a league match on 05/16/2023. I started off the match very slowly with some unfortunate scratches. Near the end of the match I finally got my pattern play down a bit better as well as the speed of the table and started putting a few runs together. At one point I was behind almost 50-100 (in a race to 150) and ended the match 150-125 or so.