2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland


...and I get all da rolls
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this is funny cuz if drago or earl misses a ball people say if he took more time yada-yada..
In one of the interviews Drago explained the reason he was playing that fast: "I'm just afraid I lose that aiming line!"

Recently I've seen just the same explanation from one of the speed shooters, don't remember either the name or even the game (very well that might have been snooker)


Ace in the side.
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Both players making multiple mistakes in rack 8. Soufi had an open table but couldn't get out. 4-4.


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Go to 2 hrs 5 min, between the racks, and watch the upper left of the screen, first row of the audience. A little girl reaches over to kiss her dad. I tried to take a screenshot, but the software is too "smart" and blocks me.


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if FSR wins this it would be two world championship titles within three months for him. would be quite a feat