3 cues and a case for sale..


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Hey everyone..
I have been quite inactive in the pool world for the past 2 years now. I thought I put up the last of my collection for sale and just keep a set in case I feel like playing :)

Unfortunately only 10 pics can be added in 1 post. For those interested, I can also email them pics. *Edit seems like I can only attach a few pics in 1 post.

I have 3 cues for and a 2x4 fully tooled Rusty Melton case for sale. Would prefer to sell it in a package. PM me for a package price. Individual prices are listed below. All sold!
If buyer buys the whole package, I'll throw in an older 3x6 JB rugged case for free. The case is pink in color with red interiors. It is mainly used for cue storage only.

Just to be clear with everyone, I'll prioritize on package sale. I'm only able to accept payment via Bank Telegraphic Transfer/Wire and I'll ship the cues via UPS. I can do Paypal through my friend's account too if buyer doesn't mind.

Cue #1 2015 Larry Vigus bridged point fullsplice. Sold.
Ebony front cored with Jatoba with BEM handles. 3/8x10 pin. On the hoppe ring there is a small mark that was there when I received the cue. When I went to take some pictures there were also some minor lines near the joint that is visible under sunlight (not from playing). It has been sitting in my case for the past 2.5 years. Other than that no dents. This cue has a very nice polished epoxy finish btw.
Comes with 2 shafts both made from a later version of the Westinghouse Micarta material. They don't yellow much at all.
Shaft 1 - 13.1mm 3.50oz original triangle tip in test hit condition
Shaft 2 - 13.1mm 3.80oz G2 M light play condition
I had Larry put only 1.5" of finish from the shaft collar on both shafts
Butt weighs 15.80oz

Cue #2 Joey sneaky pete conversion. Sold.
BEM front and buttsleeve with a brownish/purplish Purpleheart handle and white derlin butt cap. Has a short shank radial pin. Cue is signed Proto 1 as it was the the first prototype for his chain ring bottom. The cue is made from a Schmelke blank. Point are not even but very close. I bought this cue on AZ in 2013 and had it sent to Joey to have it refinish and fit with another shaft. It has a very nice auto clear finish now. No dents or marks on the cue. Comes with 2 shafts
Shaft 1 is used but cleaned up during refinish - 12.8mm 3.45oz with a nice yellowish looking Juma ferrule. Installed a G2 M but have only test hit after refinish.
Shaft 2 is new test hit condition - 13.1mm 3.65oz with a Westinghouse Micarta ferrule that was sold by knifemaker previously on AZ.
I asked Joey to put 1.5" of finish only from the shaft collars.
Butt weighs 15.70oz

Cue #3 Joey conversion break cue made from a reject predator blank. Sold.
Joey originally intended to make this cue his player/break cue but I managed to get him to sell it to me as a break cue. As the cue was a reject blank from predator, it has imperfect points which Joey tried to get as close as possible and there is an imperfection on the veneer near the end of one of the points. This cue is slightly on the lighter side. I tried to put a playing shaft on it and it plays pretty well. This cue comes with a break shaft which weighs 4.0z, 13.1mm phenolic ferrule. The butt weighs 14.45oz

Lastly, I have a case that Rusty Melton made for me in 2012. The case is 2x4 with his tube interiors with 2 pockets at the front. Inside the longer pocket, I asked Rusty to put a divider. The body is burgundy in color and pockets, lid and back panel is natural. The case is fully tooled. Plus, the shoulder pad is unused. I have only brought he case out a few times over the years and it is practically still in new condition. I had Rusty tooled a personalized design of inside of the lid top. A few months ago, he said that he can replace the inside of the lid for a small fee.

Sold. Buyer to decide himself whether to have Rusty replace the inside of the lid.
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Nice cues/cases buddy, priced cheap too! It shouldn’t last long!

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Still available!
PM me for price if you’re interested in them as a package!!

Will upload addional pics once i can acceas photobucket:D


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It's been some time that I updated this post. All are still up for sale. Here are some additional pics.

I have updated the prices in my original post!!

Here are the lines that I mention on the Larry Vigue cue and specs


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Some quality items for sale, my friend. I'm surprised they haven't sold. Good luck. If I hadn't just made a new case purchase, that Melton would be mine. I love the design on the inside of the lid, and would leave it. I don't know what it is, but I like it.
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Here are specs for the Joey Sneaky players


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Specs for the Joey break cue and some more pics


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A few more pics...

I can email more pics if needed.


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