3 Cushion Record?

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I grew up knowing that the 3 cushion high run record was 25 held by Hoppe for many years, but I also knew that it had been broken in modern times with modern equipment and today’s modern clothes etc.

I was watching a 3 cushion match recently on the Kozoom channel and the commentator mentioned that the record now was 28. Just for fun I did a Google search and see numbers of 32 and 40 pop up. What is the officially recognized record on this? Maybe Bob could chime in on this.


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thanks for the link!
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Our club recently got carom table and im hooked to it. I am watching carom matches and playing it also in Shooter´s Pool simulation game.
My best day so far I played little over 1.0 avg and best matches close to 2.0
Thank you.


28, by 4 players.

Sayginer is great to watch though, he had a 30+ but was exhibition only.

One day a official tournament run will break the 30 bar.


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I recall that at Carom Cafe in Flushing, Queens, Hugo Patino made a practice run of 31. I'd guess it was five years ago.


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Hoppe did not run 25 in a match. The run was in two parts (13 and 12?) in two different games or he continued after the end of a match -- I've heard the story multiple ways.
I’ve understood that Hoppe’s tournament high run was 18…stood for a long time till the Hawk ran 19 in the late 70s.
I congratulated him on that run in Decatur…he immediately set up the shot that would’ve been 20…missed it by a hair.


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Since then…2014…I’ve read that Jaspers has had more 40 in four innings than anybody…I think it was four times.


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Nobody claiming they ran 50 in practice?
If 7ft tables is counted there must be over 40 runs a bunch. My online opponent who also teaches me is strong Korean player. He said he ran 34 or 36(i cant remember which it was) on money survival game. He is not still world elite player level. Just strong gambler.
Legendary player Sang Lee said to him 90s that Blomdahl plays on 10ft table like he on 7ft..

Bob Jewett

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I think he has, or had, the record for fastest game to 50 points
Blomdahl had (has) the record for 60-point matches. 15 innings. They rarely play to 60 these days. It was against Ceulemans in one of Sang Lee's tournaments in NYC. I was lucky enough to be in the audience. Ceulemans had an average of 2.3 or so.

Edit: from a previous thread, I see that Blomdahl had a 17-inning game in that same tournament. Also, Accu-stats has a video of the record game.

For 50-point matches, I think the record might be by Eddy Merckx.
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