"3-Cushion USA" Handicap Tournament


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The first of many 3CushionUSA.org Tournaments

Where: Amazin Billiards - 40 Faulkner - Malden, MA
When: March 29-31
Who: Amazin Billiards, Casino Del Sol, Gabriels



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It's due time, for a change. The tournament format looks great. If I could manage the week off from work, I'd come and support the tourney. Best of Luck Mazin!

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It's due time, for a change.

could you or anyone elaborate for those of us that are unaware of the situation?
i see former usba members that while they were members hardly ever/ if never promoting an event here when they are regular visitors

why is the usba seemingly abandoned?

why couldnt these events be done under the usba?

will any organizing body ever do anything for straight rail and 1 cushion?
probably not until i hit the lottery
the usba webiste says governing body of carom billiards in the usa, but its just 3c

mazins org is upfront atleast


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Good Luck

Mazin, I wish you the best with your new organization. I just sent my membership fee. I don't know if I'll be able to play in tournaments very often. But I want to support you.

Steve Andersen


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I'll be joining today and hope to play the March tournament.

I don't have any beef with USBA, just never knew much about them despite the fact I was a member from time to time.

I've been to Mazin's room and respect all the energy he puts into our game.