7 Spots Left at Predator Pro Pool School in Boston


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Predator Pro Pool School in Chelmsford, Massachusetts (outside Boston)

May 5-6, 2003

Country Club USA

Imagine getting instruction from 3 world class UPA professionals for 2 full intense days! Because of the help of industry sponsors the school is available at 1/2 of the normal costs!

If you want to play like the pros you have to get into their heads and think like they do.

You must learn their every move for every situation. Learn what to do when there is no shot. Analyze and execute like the pros. And of course practice and prepare like the pros do.

Here's your chance! Our instructors are not only great teachers but world class top ranked professionals.

The Instructors:

Buddy Hall - The Rifleman

BCA Hall of Famer & Former World Champion

Perhaps possessing the greatest cueball control of all time, Buddy has forged himself into a living legend. With his awesome skills and pit bull mental game, Hall has won titles such as US Open One Pocket Champion,2x US Open Champion,, World Champion, PLayer of the Year Awards, and too many more to mention. Buddy has made several TV appearances on ESPN as well as videos and author of many books. Buddy has been a hero to not only pool fans around the globe, but to his fellow legendary peers. Don't miss this chance to learn The Rifleman's cue ball bullet!

UPA Ranking : 5

Hall will be covering such subjects as :

-position play

-safety play



-patterns & running out

-practicing & preparation

-mental attitude

Karen Corr - The Irish Invader

#1 Women's Player in the World

Karen Corr broke out in the pool world scene after being a top women's professional snooker player for many years. Karen came to the US and started winning qualifiers and withing 4 years time went from being an unknown and unranked to the #1 women's player in the world. Karen made history last year by winning every women's point event last year (6 major titles in a row) televised on ESPN which has never been done before. A staple on ESPN pool coverage , Karen's excellent attitude and flawless, perfect form has made her a force to be reckoned with against even top men's professionals.

WPBA Ranking: #2

Karen will cover areas such as:

-safety play

-cut breaking

-shot making

-patterns & running out


-mental toughness & Winning

Tony Robles - The Silent Assassin

Just recently finished 2nd at the Predator UPA Pro Tour Championship and also finished 2nd at the BCA Open on ESPN earlier this year taking down top names like Immonen, Williams, Hall, and Deuel. One of the best straight pool players in the world with a high 267 ball run and is tied for the US Open Straight Pool High Run record of 150 balls. Also 2 time Sportsman of the Year.

UPA Ranking: Top 20

Tony will cover such topics like:

-fundamental techniques

-position play

-cue ball control(Tony's deadly accurate 3-2-1 system)


-finesse shots

-patterns and running out

-How to practice

-mental attitude

Other Exciting Events:

On top of the 2 days of instruction, students will get bonuses such as tickets to the Predator Challenge Match between Buddy Hall and Karen Corr after Day 1 of the Predator Pro Pool School and also a special Student Tournament at the conclusion of Day 2 including a new Predator Cue for the winner and other prizes from our sponsors.

Limited to the first 18 students (groups of 6 will rotate from each teacher every 2 1/2 hours)

15 hours of total instruction plus a 1 hour lunch break with the pros each day.

The last schools in Roanoke, VA & Philadelphia, PA garnered rave reviews ! Please sign up now or you'll miss out!

For joining or more information please contact Phil Muller at 540-420-1056 or Charlie Williams at 321-276-3967 or e-mail at propoolschool@hotmail.com

$750 a student (limited to first 18) contact propoolschool@hotmail.com

$725 for members of APA Leagues of Northeastern Massachusetts apaleagues@aol.com