8 ball 10-point scoring question / Early 8 open table


This question came up last night during league, and I'm looking to see if anyone has a reference for an official rule, or get general consensus.

BCA pool league, using 10 point scoring (winner of rack gets 10 points, loser gets 1 point for each ball of their group pocketed)

Table is open after the break, and while attempting to legally pocket a ball and declare their group they pocket the 8-ball.

How would this be scored, if there are ball(s) from both groups pocketed? Would it automatically be a 10-0 since it was an open table and the losing player hadn't "scored" any points for legally pocketing a ball? Or would the winning player receive the group with the most balls pocketed, while the losing player would receive the group with the lesser balls pocketed?

For example if 2 solids and 1 stripe have been pocketed, but the table is still open, and the 8 is made early, winning player receives solids and 10 points, and losing player receives stripes and scores 1 point? Or automatic 10-0?


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Don't know about this particular BCA scoring system but the ones (bca and apa) I am familiar with, any balls
made count for both winner and loser reguardless of how or when they are made. Once a player wins the game
other player automatically has the other group even if they have not had a shot or made a ball.


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^ is correct, I have ran out from the break after making a few balls, the other player got credit for the balls I made on the break even though he never was at the table LOL Makes for a funny handicap situation when they keep track of balls made for points that's for sure. Sorry, you ran out 3 racks but you lost by 4 balls because you made them on the break for the other guy.