9-Ball Video Contest 08.2009 (25): Can You Finish This Like A Pro??

What would you do with this layout?

  • I can play a good a safety now.. (please explain how)

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  • I will play a push out now (please explain where to)

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Line Up Your Best Shot!
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You have just made a ball off the break. Now you are facing this layout... Can You Run Out This Rack of 9-Ball Like a Pro?

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Take this great opportunity to challenge yourself against a situation which the pros would face and run out in tournaments. Study the layout carefully and get the camera ready now. :lightbulb:

Good luck to everyone! :)

  • Videotape yourself running this rack in 5 minutes.
  • Only one object ball can move during each shot.
  • Upload your video to YouTube
  • Enter "CueTable Billiard Contest 2009.08" in the video title and tags, and "http://contest.cuetable.com" in the video description.
  • Sign in to the current official contest page and post your video URL address in a reply, along with a brief analysis of your run out.
  • The contest ends on 09.01.2009 - At the time you will see a video of a pro player playing this layout on TV.

  • The first FIVE participants who upload run-out videos in this thread will win a CueTable Polo Shirt.
  • The prizes are for people who have not won before. In any case, formal winners are encouraged to submit videos and enjoy together!

  • Print out the layout (CueTable printing help)
  • Set you camera on a tripod from a high angle so the video can cover the table.
  • Please feel free to discuss your run out plan and any challenges you might have.
  • If you have any shot questions, please post them in Ask Instructor forum. There are 25 professional instructors who'd love to share their insights with you.
  • If you have comments or suggestions for any videos you see here, please feel free to share.
  • If you have already seen the video for the layout before, please don't spoil it so others can enjoy it later.
  • If you can't see the large size CueTable layout above, please download Adobe Shockwave Player
  • To learn how to create your own diagrams, please check CueTable Demo Video

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Sea Player
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So I'm guessing I made the 8-ball twice? Either that or it's ball in hand! :p

If I made two balls on the break, someone racked an extra ball!


Line Up Your Best Shot!
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Just a friendly reminder that we have 11 more days before the contest ends. So far we have two video entries.

Take the challenge for yourself and get your camera ready! :)


Line Up Your Best Shot!
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Winner Announcement 09.02.2009

Video Origin
This contest layout was drawn from a game in 2009 World Game 9-Ball Final Allison Fisher Vs Jasmin Ouschan . In this match Josmin had an early lead and Allison fought back to take over the table with a series of great safety plays. This layout was very important for Jamsin, and she ran it out very nicely (check 7:47 of the first video)!

Contest Winners
Alex Alpert, mctuvok, stephan

Videos by Past Winners

Good Spirits Award

Congratulations to our winners in running out this very tough layout and thank you for sharing your ideas on videos. For everyone else who are watching this, please feel free to study the videos, try the layout yourself to compare, discuss it with friends, share comments . Please send us suggestions on how we can make it even more fun for every one. Our goal here is to help people improve their skills, play better and have fun together.

*Please prepare for our Octobert contest early next week :)


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I'm at work and can't view the video. :(

but this is how I would get out. Its sooo easy on the wei table.:)

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