Adding weight to a Schon


I recently won a Schon cue (STL-1) in my league tourney. It's 18 oz. and I want to an ounce of weight to it. Do you recommend sending it back to Schon itself or can a local cue repairman fix it? What is the going rate for something like that? I'm in NYC.

Michael Webb

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If your near him, get in touch with Paulie of Bay Ridge cues. Tell him I sent you. He'll take care of you. He will be very reasonable.


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I would be cautious about adding weight as it will change the stick.

I guess the degree of change and whether you like its current balance are factors, but...

I had a 18oz that I had changed to 19, and it was totally different when I got it back. Very bad!!

So, good luck!