advertisement on Space City Open stream


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Attention all pool hall, websites, and cue makers.

We are working on our advertisements for the upcoming Space City Open stream. And we want YOU!!!

But hey why stop at just pool related business's ...... We want all of you that are interested in advertisement! So if you have any business, website, or just about anything you want to promote. We want to get you signed up and on board.

WE are a pop up add free stream. Meaning the only adds that appear on our streams are the ones we put there. Meaning you can promote your business with us for the tournament and we will make sure you get plenty of exposure.

So if you have a business and you want to advertise on a Nationally streamed tournament. WE WANT YOU!!

So its that time to get your business signed up. The rates are awesome. Because we are here to promote your business not make a million dollars. (although a million dollars would be nice it is not our goal to make it off of you.

Flexible rates to meet any budget.

THanks again

Kim White

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We look forward to having Don Hickson down from Kansas City to stream the 2012 Space City Open at Bogies Billiards in Houston, Texas, Dec. 7th-9th.

If you are unable to attend this premier billiard event, tune in from home to watch some of the greatest players in the U.S and abroad strut their stuff!