Advice required regarding some predator cues


I have the opportunity to buy either an 8K-3, Blak-2 or 3 or the throne 5. Obviously there is a difference in price.

The question is there really that much difference between them as they all seem to use c4+ technology? So is it a question of just paying for the design of the butt or is there something I am missing?

Thanks in advance of any answers


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Honestly, all the butts are the same. Difference is really only in the shaft end. Pick either a 314-3, Z-3, or the vantage. The diameter difference has been discussed alot and it has pretty much boiled down to use what diameter you like. Although the 314 is probably the most used and imo the best shaft of the 3.

For the butt end the only difference is really in the design. All the 8k's are a littler plainer in design as opposed to the blak and thrones which get crazy with the inlays. I guess the blak has more carbon fiber or what ever it's called but I doubt any person will notice the difference. I personally like the look of the classy 8k-2.

If you really want to save some cash get the cue butt you like with the old 2nd generations. I personally like them a bit more than the new generation and they're really cheap right now. $175 brand new for either Z-2 or 314-2. That's hard to beat.


thanks for that information, yes I am thinking really am I only paying extra for the pattern in the cue which to me seems a little pointless. however, I do like the blak series cues.